Mobile number validation

Experian is offering mobile validation; this is a system whereby mobile phone numbers supplied by debtors can be checked against the telecoms networks and validated as a number that is in use.

This can either be completed in real-time with forms that can be integrated into your customer management systems and portals or website forms. Alternatively, you can upload numbers in bulk for batch processing. This means that the phone number data you are collecting is more accurate and therefore you’re more likely to reach debtors with text messages and phone calls relating to the recovery of the debt.

The software can do the following:

  • Verify the number is numerically correct
  • Verify the mobile exists on a network and which network this is
  • Verify the number is currently switched on and connected to the network

This functionality enables effective engagement with debtors, meaning you are retaining reliable and trustworthy contact information.

Mitigating risk

Having this software mitigates the risk of:

  • The user inadvertently inputting the phone number incorrectly
  • The user giving a false phone number
  • Errors if you are inputting data manually
  • Any issues with illegible handwriting on paper forms

Data driven insights from the use of text messaging

Having the correct phone numbers is just the start, working with technology companies and their solutions enable more data and closer analysis of the messaging that works best and using these behavioural insights to better understand what works for eliciting payments from debtors.

More than just a debt collection facility

Having accurate mobile numbers can help in several ways, not just revenue recovery and payment reminders but it can also be a useful communication tool to offer up information about service outages and office hours over bank holidays, for example.

Community Outreach

The use of mobile is now at an all-time high and therefore using text messages to communicate information on local services and engaging with the local community if they had consented to their data being used in this way such as:

  • Community events
  • Instalment reminders for payment arrangements
  • Council office opening hours
  • Information about rubbish collection and recycling Alerts about payments that are due or overdue

Reducing costs

Finally, having better data and information will mean that any costs associated with sending text messages will be reduced as you’ll only be sending the messages to those who will be most likely to receive them.

Coronavirus information for debtors

Please visit this page for more information about what to do if you have received a notice of enforcement or are currently in a payment arrangement.


Excel Quick Pay - the new debtor app

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