Once a writ of possession has been enforced, whether to remove protesters or travellers from local authority land or property, it is important to secure the site to prevent re-occupation.

This is also true when travellers are removed from land under Common Law (Halsbury’s).

Post eviction security planning

To prevent re-occupation, our parent company High Court Enforcement Group will advise you on what actions to undertake to prevent re-occupation, depending on the level of risk and the nature of the site. It is, of course, easier to secure an industrial site or a car park, than open land.

Some of your planned measures may be longer-term prevention measures such as natural barriers – trees, berms, logs, rocks etc – but the site will still need to be protected in the meantime and HCE Group can help you prepare for that.

HCE Group will prepare plans in advance, so that these can be agreed and ready to be put in place as soon as the eviction or traveller removal is complete.

Security services

The enforcement agent will remain on site until all occupiers are removed and prevented from returning. Once that is complete, the security team can step in.

HCE Group can provide manpower – for example, SIA licensed security guards with dogs – to guard the perimeter whilst more permanent security measures are being put in place.

We also provide the following security measures:

  • Security screens and doors
  • Fencing
  • Concrete barriers and bollards
  • CCTV systems and 24-hour monitoring
  • Alarm systems and 24-hour monitoring

To find out more

We will always discuss security measures with you at the planning stage, but please do call us on 01792 450031 or contact us with any security queries.

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