Warrant recycling

At Excel Civil Enforcement, we provide a warrant recycling service across all of England and Wales. This covers the re-issuing of a warrant of control to a new provider where the previous enforcement agent was unsuccessful.

Why warrant recycling might be worth consideration

You might want to consider warrant recycling if you’ve not had the success you’d hoped for with your cases.

As part of our warrant recycling service, we will complete thorough tracing, and this often brings new information to light on the debtors’ circumstances and location. This new information might be a new address or a new employer and this can often pave the way for successful enforcement.

Once we have the up-to-date information, we attend to enforce at the debtor's premises.

Warrant expiry

If a warrant for arrest has expired, you can make an application to extend the warrant for a further 12 month period. This can then be allocated to our team of agents nationwide for enforcement.

Liability orders

Once a local authority has been issued with a liability order, this has no expiry date. Enforcement can, therefore, take place at any time.

Liability orders are, for obvious reasons, the final step that local authorities will take. The power they convey means that several options are open to the local authority, including the sanction of imprisonment of the debtor.

The liability order means that:

  • The debtor is required to supply relevant information to assist with recovery
  • The local authority can make an attachment of earnings order
  • The instructed enforcement agent can remove goods to satisfy the debt
  • The local authority can seek a deduction from benefits
  • The local authority can secure a charging order against a mortgaged property

If, as a local authority, you wish to either recycle a warrant or instruct us to enforce a liability order please get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

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