Arrest warrants

Arrest warrants and commital warrants can be issued for a number of reasons, there might have been a breach of bail conditions, or the individual concerned might have failed to turn up to court.

We are skilled and experienced in the execution of arrest warrants with or without bail, we work on behalf of both HMCTS and local authorities to provide this service.

We have bespoke vehicles available to transport individuals safely and securely, they are fully equipped with all the latest technology including GPRS and tracking devices.

Our comprehensive staff training includes conflict management, health and safety and risk management.

Our staff are trained to be assessing and evaluating situations as they unfold, being on high alert for a change in circumstance or potential risks, this includes identifying warning signs from behaviour and tone of voice.

Our staff will also complete all paperwork including expert witness statements, these will be uploaded to our case management system and be available for viewing.

We utilise body worn cameras, and protective clothing. We believe that information known should be shared with staff and that all possible outcomes be considered when planning an arrest.

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