Property inspections

Empty property inspections may be necessary for a variety of reasons. You may need to carry out an inspection if you have been advised that a property or properties are empty and Excel Civil Enforcement, upon your instruction will attend to see if this is the case. This will enable you to accurately record the discounts and exemptions that may or may not be applicable to the property.

Another reason you might wish to carry out a property inspection is to check that the correct business rate is being applied, for instance if a property has had a change of use, has charitable or small business rate relief or you suspect business rate avoidance. We can collect, record information and electronically transfer information to further assist you in your decision-making process.

Commercial and residential property inspections

This service is available to both commercial and residential properties and with business rates and council tax avoidance being high on the agenda for local authorities this is a productive service to recover more on your behalf. We can check the number of non-dependents residing in a dwelling or what type of business is operating in a hereditament.

Accurate reporting

We will ensure accurate reporting and evidence gathering to supply you with the details of the inspection. We will look out for things like bins that are full, and evidence of post being sent to the address; this includes taking note of who the post is addressed to. We’ll look out for open windows and other telltale signs of occupancy. If it is deemed necessary, we can carry out several inspections over multiple visits.

We also cover new homes and buildings checking on progress and providing detailed reporting.

To find out more

All our services are provided nationwide. Contact us on 01792 450031 or use our contact form to find out more

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