Trespasser/protester eviction

Our parent company, High Court Enforcement Group, provides a full range of property recovery services for local authorities, as well as landlords and commercial agents.

HCE Group has extensive experience in the removal of trespassers and protesters from land and commercial property. This will be under a High Court writ of possession in the case of removal of squatters from property, and either a writ or common law in the case of land.

As a Group, we work in partnership with the police and have authority to use powers of arrest. We operate within the framework of British and European law to deliver a firm but fair solution to your land disputes.

Our national coverage allows us to access and deploy substantial resources and fully trained specialists to attend to your specific requirements and disputes. We have a proven track record in ensuring the safe, successful and ethical removal of illegal occupiers – even in the most challenging of circumstances.

To instruct

If you would like to find out more, please contact the team on 01792 466 771 (option 2), or use the link below to instruct straight away.

High profile and specialist evictions

Where the occupation is a protest and has attracted demonstrators who have undertaken steps to make removal as difficult as possible, High Court Enforcement Group has a specialist team for these cases - the National Eviction Team.

They have specialist enforcement agents who are skilled in all aspects of a demonstrator removal, including:

  • Lock-ons
  • Treetop and rooftop protests
  • Tunnelling and all underground activity
  • All activity at height
  • Barricades
  • Post eviction security

The National Eviction Team has worked for many local authorities on the removal of protesters and travellers, including Dale Farm in 2011.

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