At Excel we have a dedicated tracing team and work in partnership with local and central Government, the legal profession, finance companies and other corporate bodies.

How we trace

We process collate and cross-references information to ensure accuracy. We utlilise several sources including credit reference agencies, social media, DVLA records, the electoral roll, Companies House, the Land Registry and many other reliable sources available to us when carrying out tracing.

Our tracing service is based on thorough investigation, leaving no stone upturned and cross-matching and linking sources to ensure we have the latest and most accurate information on the subject.


As part of our speedy service, we provide thorough and detailed trace reports to clients regardless of the outcome.


We take data protection and GDPR compliance seriously and have robust procedures in place.

To undertake a trace

Please call us on 0845 370 7775 or use our contact us page.

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