Corporate social responsibility

Excel Civil Enforcement recognises that our service delivery will impact directly and indirectly on the communities and the environment in which we operate and we are committed to minimise, as far as we are able, any adverse impacts which may arise. We will treat debtors fairly, with respect and courtesy and will act without favour or discrimination in an open and transparent manner.

We will maintain the highest possible standards of professionalism having full regard to client, corporate and legislative requirements while upholding the dignity and responsibility of the laws under which we operate. We will promote respect in equal measure for the law and for those against whom we enforce the law.

Privacy policy

We consider the lawful and correct treatment of personal information by the company as critical in maintaining the confidence of our clients; we therefore manage and process personal information lawfully and correctly.

You can read our privacy policy - simply click on the link below.

Complaints policy

Excel Civil Enforcement believes that complaints are a valuable means of evaluating the quality of staff and services and will treat all complaints, whether from clients, their customers or members of the public, as a matter of priority.

The company’s management is committed to continuous improvement of the complaint handling process to ensure a transparent and even handed approach in receiving, investigating and resolving complaints to enhance customer satisfaction.

The company’s complaints policy and procedures for dealing with complaints is compliant with the international quality management standard for Customer Satisfaction (ISO 10002:2014) and aligns with the company’s quality objectives.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Excel Civil Enforcement recognises the responsibility that we share with our suppliers to buy materials and deliver our services in an ethical manner. As part of this commitment we acknowledge our responsibility towards the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure transparency within the organisation and with our suppliers of goods and services.

We want our customers to be confident that our business partners treat their employees fairly, with respect for human rights and are not exposed to unsafe working conditions or in any way forced to work under slavery. Only suppliers who share our standards and values will be considered appropriate to trade with.

We believe that when ethical standards are in place, this can improve worker well-being, productivity and quality, which benefits both our suppliers and our customers.

Environment policy

We operate a BSI accredited Environmental Management System to the latest standard (2015) and have genuine concerns for the environment.

We take every opportunity to promote a broad sustainability agenda in reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption and will, therefore, contribute to the environmental well-being of the communities in which we operate.

More information

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