Traveller removal

We offer removal of travellers under both common law and a High Court writ of possession. This includes a thorough site inspection and risk assessment followed by a detailed proposal including advice as to whether a writ of possession is required or if we will be able to use common law to remove the travellers.

Removal under common law

We have certificated enforcement agents based nationwide who will serve an eviction notice giving the trespassers 24 hours to move from your land or property. The notice will be handed to the trespassers or left at the site in a prominent position if there is no one to receive the notice.

If after the 24 hours have passed they are still occupying your land we will begin eviction proceedings. We will use reasonable force if it is required.

Removal under a writ of possession

We recommend using a writ of possession if there is a larger group of travellers or you envisage there may be any issues such as harm to people or damage to property. The advantage of having a writ of possession is that the police must support the writ

This duty is outlined in the Courts Act (2003); Schedule 7, Paragraph 5 of which states that:

It is the duty of every constable, at the request of:

  • An enforcement agent or
  • A person acting under the agent’s authority,

To assist the officer or that person in the execution of a writ Section 10 of the Criminal Law Act (1977) also makes it an offence to obstruct an enforcement agent in the execution of a High Court Writ.

We work with many local authorities and private landowners and will always thoroughly plan and carry out risk assessments and provide reporting on who exactly is present including children and those who are vulnerable so that the correct procedures can be followed.

To instruct

Our traveller removal services are delivered by our parent company High Court Enforcement Group, the largest independent company of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the team on 01792 450031 or use the link below to instruct straight away.

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