We offer nationwide forfeiture of commercial lease services through our parent company High Court Enforcement Group, the largest independent company of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers.

Forfeiture of lease

Forfeiture of commercial lease can be undertaken if there has been an issue with the tenancy and the lease has been breached, the most common reason for forfeiture is non-payment of rent, but you also have the right to forfeit for other lease violations including subletting without permission or altering the property.

If you are exercising your right to forfeit under any other covenant than that of nonpayment of rent, you must give the tenant a section 146 notice. You can find out more about section 146 and the detail you’ll need to provide is here:

Forfeiture can take place for nonpayment of rent once it is due by the amount specified in your lease, this is usually 21 days, and you should check the lease to clarify the terms specified within it for forfeiture.

By instructing High Court Enforcement Group to forfeit the lease, the Group's enforcement agents will undertake peaceful re-entry to the property accompanied by a locksmith. Depending on any case history, we may also alert the police., if we envisage any trouble or a breach of the peace we will also alert the police.

Contact us today to instruct us to regain possession of your commercial property.

Securing the property after forfeiture

After we have undertaken the forfeiture we will replace the locks and return the property to you as well as providing advice and guidance if the property is to remain empty so that it doesn’t become occupied by squatters or trespassers.

Tort notices

We can also assist with items that have been left behind by the tenant. We will serve the correct notices and fix them in a prominent position giving adequate time for the goods to be collected. If this doesn’t prompt collection we will then fix a second notice that the landlord intends to sell the goods if they are not collected within the specified time.

How to instruct

If you would like to find out more, please contact the team on 01792 450031, or use the link below to instruct straight away.

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