Excel Insight

Excel has partnered with Destin Solutions to offer clients ‘Excel Insight’, a comprehensive suite of performance and process management solutions, which will enable our customers to monitor recovery performance in real time.

‘Excel Insight’ deploys a secure VPN to import data analytics on demand.

Intelligent data reports incorporate

  • Real time collection statistics, by month, by batch
  • Volume and value of cases on arrangements as well as forecasted income from arrangement cases
  • Engagement statistics, broken down by engagement type, phone, email etc.
  • Aged debt analysis

This is by no means an exhaustive list of reports. Client specific KPI’s can be incorporated and customised to the client's preferred format.

Management reports can be exported into Excel, PowerPoint, Word or CSV files, enabling data to be downloaded into the client's designated configuration.

Why this is useful

For councils needing to report to key stakeholders, this enhanced level of reporting helps turn data into insights for:

  • A single view of data that provides unique organizational insight and combines detailed reports to support more informed decision making
  • Enhanced forecasting
  • Improved performance
  • Increased revenue recovery

The ability to segment and interrogate various data sets enables Excel and our clients to collect debt more intelligently and efficiently across the board.

Further applications of ‘Excel Insight’

The drill down analytical tool could, for instance, be used to look at pre and post universal credit introduction and housing benefit overpayment arrears to report on the impact of this benefit change.

Trend analysis can help shape provision by using real time data and analytics to identify specific postcode areas that would benefit from early intervention or perhaps specific age groups that might benefit from a targeted campaign around managing debt.

‘Excel Insight’ provides the ability to allocate staff resources, provide proof of performance and forecast performance based on the previous year and year-to-date data. The data can also be used to develop policies and procedures around issues such as vulnerability.

The flexibility of such an agile reporting tool means that any specific requirement can be catered for at relatively short notice.

Coronavirus information for debtors

Please visit this page for more information about what to do if you have received a notice of enforcement or are currently in a payment arrangement.


Excel Quick Pay - the new debtor app

The app is free to download and free to use. It has been designed to give debtors a quick, easy and user-friendly way to manage their debt.