Residential enforcement update

On 24th June, The Taking Control of Goods and Certification of Enforcement Agents (Amendment) (No. 2) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 comes into force.

The Statutory Instrument amends regulations 10, 23 and 52 of The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 (TCoG).

Taking control of goods at residential premises

The amendments to regulations 10 and 23 of TCoG prescribe that the emergency period that applies to restrictions on the taking control of goods by enforcement agents will end on 23 August 2020.

Provided no other amendments are made, the end of these restrictions will mean that enforcement visits to residential property will recommence from 24th August. Enforcement agents will also be permitted to take control of goods on the highway from the same date.

Taking control of goods at commercial premises

Enforcement visits to commercial premises to take control of goods with regards to non-domestic rates arrears and magistrates’ court fines are currently being undertaken in accordance with Government guidelines and the Best Practice issued by CIVEA.

Coronavirus information for debtors

Please visit this page for more information about what to do if you have received a notice of enforcement or are currently in a payment arrangement.


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