The Women in Revenues and Enforcement Group

In a bold step towards challenging gender disparities in the revenues and enforcement industry, the Women in Revenues and Enforcement Group was launched in January 2024. Recognising the predominantly male-dominated landscape, this group wants to support and promote women at all stages of their careers within the industry.

Excel’s Director of Client Relationships, Laura Anne Smith, attended their kick-off meeting in January and there are some exciting initiatives on the horizon.

Key takeaways

The key topics of discussion were:

  1. Encouraging female speakers: The group wants to empower women to take the stage by encouraging them to apply for speaking opportunities. It recognises that women have valuable experiences that are just as pertinent as those of their male colleagues.
  2. Providing a sounding board: The group wants to create a platform for members to share their challenges and triumphs and foster a supportive community where women can find mentorship and advice.
  3. Mentoring and coaching: The group wants to focus on mentoring especially in the early stages of one's career, which is recognised as being crucial for breaking down barriers. The group acknowledges that confidence can build with age and experience, emphasising the importance of peer-to-peer support.
  4. Promoting feminism in the industry: The group seeks to encourage feminism within the industry, striving to eliminate gender biases and stereotypes.
  5. Promoting industry perception: Efforts will be made to change the industry's perception, encouraging more female talent from outside.

At the meeting, it was raised that while the group is primarily set up by women, it is not exclusive to women. Men, women, and non-binary individuals are all invited to join and become advocates for the cause, emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

Looking ahead

The next proposed steps involve hosting steering group meetings, creating an action plan, establishing governance and roles, promoting the group through marketing and social media and building a strong network through mailing lists.

Measures of success will likely include increased female representation at all career stages, breaking down gender barriers, and fostering an inclusive platform for everyone.

As the Women in Revenues and Enforcement Group gains momentum, its mission to empower and support women while challenging industry norms promises a brighter and more inclusive future for the revenues and enforcement sector. This initiative aligns perfectly with the spirit of International Women's Day on 8th March, reminding us that progress is a collective effort and that change is possible when we stand united.

For more information on the Women in Revenues and Enforcement Group and how to join it, contact Charlotte Crane, Operations Manager (Income) at Southwark Council at

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