HMCTS magistrates' court fines

Excel Civil Enforcement has provided recovery of magistrates’ court fines for over twenty years. We are contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver the services to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

Court fines we enforce

Unlike other types of fines, magistrates court fines are not subject to limitation, they do not become statute barred and they cannot be included in a bankruptcy order.

The court fines we enforce include the following:

  • Warrants of control (for unpaid fines)
  • Arrest warrants (bail, no bail, breach and committal)
  • Compensation and confiscation orders
  • Clamping orders

Trained and qualified enforcement agents

We have fully trained and qualified enforcement agents on the road with fully equipped vans and body worn cameras, we carry out thorough risk assessments and our agents are trained to look out for signs of vulnerability with our bespoke in-house training program.

All our enforcement agents are salaried employees.

Fees and stages

You can view the fees and stages recoverable here:

Excel Quick Pay - the new debtor app

The app is free to download and free to use. It has been designed to give debtors a quick, easy and user-friendly way to manage their debt.


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